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Olive’s is highly recommended by most of its clients. We have an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 making us one of the highest rated pet clinics in Hyderabad. You can find our Customer reviews on JustDial Page here.

kadWhile most established clinics delegate work to inexperienced interns, we have a more hands on approach. The person consulting you is the Owner of the Clinic with complete responsibility for your pet. This way,you won’t find your pet going down a sliding slope of health until the person in charge decides things are serious enough to step in.

clock iconWe value your time immensely. Thanks to our online appointment booking system(see sidebar for “Take an appointment” widget), we are highly organized. You can check whether the Doc has a free slot before you drop in. You will rarely find yourself waiting for long periods at OPC.
EMRWe maintain cloud-based medical records of every pet registered with us. We also maintain soft copies of any tests you ever took of your pet with us. That way you don’t find yourself scouting for Scooby’s Medical Records every time he visits the Vet. Just walk in and we know exactly what he needs.
savingsOur conservative use of real estate allows us to be cost-effective while not compromising on quality of care. We are based out of the Vet’s residence which ensures 24×7 availability of the Chief Vet.
Dr. Kadambari is excellent with puppies. Its not just about treatment, she gave me advice on grooming, training and feeding my puppy. Dr. K is the best.
Shruti Ranjani V
Excellent service & Care my shadow survived because of Dr.Kadambari treatment & care.
I took my cat to Olive`s Pet Clinic in a serious condition when I had lost all hopes for any recovery cause of serious stomach infection. Thanks to Dr. Kadambari, she not just responded to my emergency call during the non working hours but she immediately reviewed the condition of Pyro(cat) and gave him the required medication with fluids. Thanks to her treatment and care that pyro is healthy now. I did not worry about Pyro`s health after the first consultation at Olive`s pet clinic with Dr. Kadambari. I was relieved that pyro`s health is in safe and confident hands. I`d definitely recommend Olive`s pet clinic for the pet lovers to get a genuine treatment, immediate response and in case of emergency services..
I have given the clinic 5 stars due to the fact that Dr Kadambari is very committed towards animals. I had a terribly sick puppy that needed attention at 11 pm in the night and she immediately called us over to treat her despite late hours. The clinic is small but adequate for most emergencies and all first aid treatment. I highly recommend Olive pet clinic.
Madhulika Jajodia