Little Paris is the much loved pooch of her family. We call her ‘Our Beloved Smoosh Face’ at Olive’s Pet Clinic. She knows she’s boss, and she won’t let you forget it. She has a loud, high pitched squeak which does not fail to get you attention. She knows she looks good in purple and wears it like royalty. This one does not know she’s tiny. She wants to take on the big dogs. She will climb onto my table when it’s her turn and shower me with kisses. She does not hold a grudge, this one. No matter how many injections.

Paris has allergies that keep her mom on her toes. She bursts into hives every once in a while and has to come visit us. Her mom made a very smart move and got her spayed (her ovaries and uterus removed). Paris now has a reasonably uneventful and happy life to look forward to, except for the allergies, of course.